1. These Regulations specify the terms and conditions of use by customers in the platform, conducted by  Abakus ul. Bat.SKAŁA AK 8/62, 31-273 Kraków.

2. These Regulations are available all the time on, that allows customers to acquire, consult and reproduce its content through print or save the support at any time.


3. Customers have the following options:


- The use of without registration or connection.

- Make their registration on using the available tools and the connection to using the access data defined at registration


4. is used for the sole purpose of booking a merchandise and not for the purpose of ordering or acquiring it. The use of to reserve a product is prohibited for persons under 18 years of age. By booking, the customer and exclusively approve the temporary impediment of the reserved purchase of the merchandise by a third person for 14 days. Reservation does not imply the sale or transfer of merchandise by It does not involve cross-border distance selling or preliminary sales agreements. The reservation is canceled within 14 days when there is no sales agreement.


5. It is strictly forbidden to use for the sale and ordering of Merchandise, including for distance selling. It is also prohibited to advertise the Merchandise in accordance with applicable laws.


6. The use of requires the prior approval of the Regulations.


7. The customer declares to be a self-employed person and acquires the goods for purposes related to the activity of his company.




1. The use of through electronics services includes:


- Customer account management

- Support to the process of booking the Goods in accordance with the general provisions of the Regulation.


2. The agreement of the conditions of use of the electronic services involving the use of the reservation procedure of the goods holds a unique character and expires when the reservation is made.


3. The customer account management service is accessible by completing the registration in accordance with the procedures described in the Regulations allowing the customer to make the changes to the data provided at the time of registration. The customer, who has made his Registration, can submit a request to delete his Customer account. The Customer account will then be deleted without further delay.




1.In order to create the Customer account, the customer is invited to make a free registration. No registration is required to place an Order.


2. Upon registration, the customer must complete an application form available on and send the completed Registration form electronically by selecting the appropriate function from the Registration form. At Registration, the customer determines his / her own individual password.


3. During filling the registration form, the customer has the possibility to consult the Regulation and to accept it by checking the corresponding box on the form.


4. The use of personal data of a third person in the process of registration of data is prohibited, including the e-mail address. The use of inaccurate, obsolete, erroneous, incomplete of a third person data leads to a termination of the agreement of the management of the Customer account.


5. It is forbidden for the customer to share his Client account with a third person for use on the site, in particular by disclosing the access password.




1. In order to make a reservation through, the Customer must imperatively have an email address with an active account or a Client account.


2. The information concerning the merchandise presented on does not constitute bids vis-a-vis the law. This information concern the possible reservation of merchandise by the customer.


3. The price of the product displayed on the site is indicated in the currency EUR (euro). Product price includes taxes. The Customer is informed of the total price, inclusive of VAT, of the product booked on the websites of the platform when making the reservation.


4. Realization of the booking through requires that the customer:


- In case customers are registered on - the customer's connection to his account.


- In case customers are not registered on - provide exact data such as: email address or address of the person making the reservation.


- Make a statement affirming that he or she is aware of the Rules and accepts its dispositions.


- Make a declaration by giving its consent to the processing of its personal data in order to realize the future and current reservations through


- Make a declaration with respect to the conclusion of the sale agreement involving the presence of both parties at the address: ul. Konecznego 8 / 6U, 31-216 Kraków. The customer must inform us if he wishes to recover his goods or delegate the recovery to a transporter by entrusting him the full powers of the purchase of the goods at the address indicated.


5. The parties confirm that the sales agreement was carried out in the presence of the customer and at: ul. Konecznego 8/6U, 31-216 Kraków / or by the presence of the transporter holding the full powers and


6. The Customer who wishes to make a reservation chooses the merchandise for which he is interested. The choice of the goods of the reservation is followed by the mention '' ADD TO RESERVATION BASKET ''. When the Customer has made the choice of the goods, he confirms the agreement of sale of the goods at this address: ul. Konecznego 8/6U, 31-216 Kraków. He then makes the reservation by clicking on the '' Reservation '' button.


7. When the reservation is made, sends a confirmation on the e-mail address of the Customer confirming its realization.




The customer can make a return but must first inform the Company.


The declaration can be sent by post or by e-mail to the address of the company.


The Company makes the refund by the same method of payment as that used during the payment.




1.To offer a service to customers electronically as well as realization of orders by the Company, personal data of the customer are treated only according to the laws and by the consent of the customer in conformity with the applicable laws.


2. The personal data of the customers may be transmitted to the authorities authorized to receive such data under the applicable law, including the competent judicial authorities. The personal data of the customers can also be transmitted to third parties carrying out activities related to the provision of service or the realization of reservation of merchandise. In particular: payment platforms.


3. The customer exercises the right to modify or request the deletion of his / her personal data.


The Regulations take effect on 09.09.2016.