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How to Book




1. In order to make a reservation through Cigarette-Online.eu, the Customer must imperatively have an email address with an active account or a Client account.


2. The information concerning the merchandise presented on Cigarette-Online.eu does not constitute bids vis-a-vis the law. This information concern the possible reservation of merchandise by the customer.


3. The price of the product displayed on the site Cigarette-Online.eu is indicated in the currency EUR (euro). Product price includes taxes. The Customer is informed of the total price, inclusive of VAT, of the product booked on the websites of the Cigarette-Online.eu platform when making the reservation.


4. Realization of the booking through Cigarette-Online.eu requires that the customer:


- In case customers are registered on Cigarette-Online.eu - the customer's connection to his account.


- In case customers are not registered on Cigarette-Online.eu - provide exact data such as: email address or address of the person making the reservation.


- Make a statement affirming that he or she is aware of the Rules and accepts its dispositions.


- Make a declaration by giving its consent to the processing of its personal data in order to realize the future and current reservations through Cigarette-Online.eu.


- Make a declaration with respect to the conclusion of the sale agreement involving the presence of both parties at the address: ul. Konecznego 8 / 6U, 31-216 Kraków. The customer must inform us if he wishes to recover his goods or delegate the recovery to a transporter by entrusting him the full powers of the purchase of the goods at the address indicated.


5. The parties confirm that the sales agreement was carried out in the presence of the customer and Cigarette-Online.eu at: ul. Konecznego 8/6U, 31-216 Kraków / or by the presence of the transporter holding the full powers and Cigarette-Online.eu.


6. The Customer who wishes to make a reservation chooses the merchandise for which he is interested. The choice of the goods of the reservation is followed by the mention '' ADD TO RESERVATION BASKET ''. When the Customer has made the choice of the goods, he confirms the agreement of sale of the goods at this address: ul. Konecznego 8/6U, 31-216 Kraków. He then makes the reservation by clicking on the '' Reservation '' button.


7. When the reservation is made, Cigarette-Online.eu sends a confirmation on the e-mail address of the Customer confirming its realization.


4. The customer who wants to make a reservation selects the products for which he is interested. Product selection follows the words '' Add to Reservation basket ". Once the customer has made his choice of products, he will be indicate the place of reception and possibly the recovery of his position. Then, he makes the reservation by clicking on "Reserve".

5. When the command is executed, Cigarette-Online.eu sends a confirmation to customer’s email address.

6. Finally, the customer can decide to order the recovery mode. You can personally pick up your order at the company’s address or delegate the transport to transport company by clicking on "ORDER OF RECOVERY OF YOUR RESERVATION"